Although all of the practitioners at Willows House are independent contractors with their own unique skills and style, we all share a common goal: helping our clients live their best lives. Whether you come in for a relaxation massage, a reflexology session, some deep tissue work, or an intraoral TMJ treatment, the expert massage therapists at Willows House will make sure you leave feeling your best. All practitioners are fully licensed and have received extensive training to develop their expertise. 

Amy Riter shares time between Eastside Escape Massage & Wellness Center, Sundance Massage in Kenmore (www.sundancemassage.com) and her private mobile practice.   


Amy became a massage therapist because of her belief in the profound healing power of touch. She is a big proponent of body acceptance and believes that people of all sizes and shapes deserve the care, relaxation and rejuvenation that massage provides. Her massage treatments include Swedish, deep tissue, Himalayan hot stones, and cupping. In addition to full body work, she particularly enjoys focusing on the smaller muscles in the head, neck, and shoulders.

Amy has a B.A. in English and French Literature and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing. When she's not at the massage table, she's usually reading, writing, painting or hanging with her wonderful daughter.

Amy is a graduate of the Bellevue Massage School. Her Washington state license number is MA60958272

Nick Thompson is available for reflexology and massage. Depending on the day, you can find him at Snohomish Natural Health, Elements Massage Lynnwood, or doing mobile massage through Sundance Massage in Kenmore.

Nick grew up camping, fishing, and hunting. After a twelve-year career as a carpenter, he felt a shift on the horizon. Venturing west to explore and visit family, he fell in love with the Cascades and decided to stay. He attended school to become a Certified Reflexologist (RF60619461) and shortly after a Licensed Massage Therapist (MA60955861). It has been a great adventure into a new and exciting field, fueling a passion and deep appreciation for the human body. 

His massage is a perfect blend of Swedish and deep tissue, and can incorporate elements of his reflexology training as well! He also provides reflexology as a stand-alone service. Nick particularly enjoys treatment and injury work, although he is always happy to provide an excellent relaxation massage as well.


When he's not helping people achieve their wellness goals, he can be found hiking, climbing, or biking.

Jazmin Leader can be contacted through her website at www.redeemingtouchmassage.com. There, you can see the services she offers, including mobile massage. 


Born and raised in Washington, Jazmin has always been passionate about helping others through whatever gifts she can offer. As a graduate of Spectrum Center School of Massage, she now uses the gift of touch to help those who are recovering from pregnancy, injuries, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and those who need a safe and healing environment where they can unwind their mind, body, and soul.


Jazmin knows first hand the many benefits of massage and she is eager to help return the love and care she has received in her lifetime back to her clients and world.

Jazmin's Washington state massage license number is MA6087642.

Alexandra Klious is in private practice out of Willows House, and is also available to book via Garage Massage in Issaquah (www.thegaragemassage.com).


Alexandra grew up in Russia around a family that valued health and athletics. She continues those values in her own life today, which is part of what drew her to massage. She earned her degree in economics from Far East University in Vladivostok, and in 2001 moved to Thailand where she owned a holiday property business for 8 years. She lives an active lifestyle and believes that self maintenance is very important.


After moving to the United States, Alexandra wanted to find a career that allowed her the flexibility to spend time with her family and fulfilled her passion for health and healing. She decided massage therapy was the perfect fit and in 2019 she graduated from Bellevue Massage School. Alexandra has a good sense of touch, does well with specific treatment work, and creates a relaxing flow throughout the body. When Alexandra is not with her family or providing excellent massage, she enjoys running outside, hiking and hot yoga.

Alexandra's Washington state massage license number is MA60954987.